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The 5 Advantages of Polyurethane Wheels

سبتمبر 30, 2017

         Polyurethane is known for its strength, durability, and diverse range of uses. It’s one of the most widely used materials. One application of polyurethane is in manufacturing heavy-duty wheels. Polyurethane wheels are slowly, but gradually, becoming common place in commercial and industrial settings, owing to the various benefits that the compound has got to offer.

         This post discusses the five major advantages polyurethane wheels have to offer, and which have made them the de’facto choice for industrial use:

  • Customizability—Color, Shape, Size, and Strength

         Polyurethane wheels are available in various sizes, designs, colors, and loading capacities. The material is easily moldable and it’s properties can be changed to fit the job requirements — making it as nimble and flexible and hard and sturdy as needed. They can be made to handle extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, or can be made to be as soft as a sponge or as hard as steel. On top of that, they can be made available in various colors, giving you the flexibility to choose your wheels to fit YOUR needs.

  • Durability—The ROI Is in Decades

         Industrial wheels that have been rendered useless by the scourge of rust are common sightings. This won’t be the case with Polyurethane wheels in the picture. Polyurethane are not affected by the environment and harsh conditions, as long as you’ve selected the right one for the job. These wheels offer varying degrees of resistance to moisture—owing to their unique composition. As a result, they are resistant to corrosion, and harsh climatic conditions. Cast iron wheels do not offer this quality and are prone to corrosion when exposed to moisture. Using polyurethane wheels can increase the life of your industrial wheels which, in turn, will save you money in the long run.

  • Optimal Traction—Perfect Grip In Every Condition

         Polyurethane has a high coefficient of friction. This means that with the right treed patterns, they retain their grip even in slippery conditions. They can be absolute life-savers when compared to their harder alternatives. Polyurethane wheels keep your carts upright when steel wheels cannot and, at the same time, offers good traction, owing to the material’s composition, reducing the load on the wheels. This, consequently, makes it easier for the user to control the cart at the desired speed while using minimal force.

  • Low Noise—Silent Movers

         Polyurethane wheels are popularly used as industrial wheels, owing to the fact that they are quieter, when compared to steel and cast iron wheels. Polyurethane is a shock absorbent material that cushions the carriages on uneven terrains. This, in turn, results in dramatically reduced operational noises, making the workplace a much bearable place for the workers to thrive in.

  • High Loading Capacity—The Perfect Hybrid of Rubber and Steel

         Polyurethane wheels combine the sturdiness of steel wheels with the subtlety of the rubber ones.  Thse wheels combine the sturdiness of steel wheels with the subtlety of the rubber ones.It’s true that rubber wheels offer little to zero noise pollution, but their biggest con lies in their inability to sustain heavier loads. Polyurethane wheels, on the other hand, are much better than rubber wheels, when it comes to load capacity. Additionally, they also offer the benefits of noise-reduction and shock-absorption that are usually associated with rubber wheels. Needless to say, these heavy duty wheels are, extraordinarily, quiet.

  • Versatility—Replace Any Type Of Wheel

         Polyurethane wheels can be used to replace, almost, any other kind of wheel. Polyurethane wheels offer versatility that is unmatched by any of its alternatives. It doesn’t matter if it is a skateboard wheel that needs replacing or a wheelchair wheel, polyurethane can be customized to cover all of your individual requirements.

  • Cleanable—No More Unaesthetic Tire Marks

         One of the biggest advantages of these heavy-duty wheels lies in the fact that they can be used on expensive floorings without any concern. Polyurethane reduces the stress on your floors. The use of Polyurethane wheels, consequently, will keep your floors maintained for longer periods of time, reducing maintenance costs in the process.
In conclusion, Polyurethane wheels have an edge over the, usual, steel and rubber wheels. If you would like to view a range in these efficient wheels, or would just like to know more, please feel free to reach out to Heavy Duty Caster. We have the solution to all of your industrial wheel problems, with products that are not only heavy duty but subtle as well.

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